The Crown Tower

I’ve met with Michael J. Sullivan last year with The Viscount and the Witch which is 1.5th book of The Riyria Chronicles. It was really a fascinating short story and I’ve really liked both characters and Sullivan’s writing style. After a long time when I’ve a chance to read the first book, The Crown Tower, of the series, I’m enthusiastic to read it.

I got this book from Netgalley. Thank you, Netgalley.

I’ve not read The Riyria Revelations yet but planned to read them. The first book of the The Riyria Chronicles, The Crown Tower tells us the story of Hadrian Blackwater and Royce Melborn. The story starts 12 years before the events take place in The Riyria Revelations. We learn how they become allies and form the Riyria.

Sullivan tries to write this book as a standalone book, you can read it before or after reading the main series. Also he is planning to write 12 books for the Riyria Chronicles which will cover every year until The Riyria Revelations. I hope he will write all of them.

Hadrian & Royce

Hadrian & Royce – The Legend is just beginning.

The story is told from POV’s of Hadrian Blackwater, Royce Melborn and Gwen whom I could not recognize from The Viscount and the Witch. I guess Gwen will be an important character in next books and in Revelations.

Hadrian Blackwater

First we meet with Hadrian Blackwater who has worked as mercenary. Saw many battles, fought for many sides, kings and lords. But later he has leaved being a mercenary because he no more wants to kill innocent people. Hadrian is really a good fighter, who has carry three swords with him. Despite carrying these swords he is not willing to use them if it is not necessary.

Hadrian has received a letter from one of his father’s old friend, professor Arcadius, who calls him to the university. In the first part we read Hadrian’s journey to the university.

Royce Melborn

In second part we meet with professor Arcadius and Royce Melborn. Arcadius wants Royce and Hadrian to form a team which will be name Riyria and help him to retrieve a journal from the Church. At first both of them rejects this offer. But Arcadius convince both Royce and Hadrian using different arguments.

Royce Melborn is a very skilled and intelligent thief. He can predict many actions before they happen. By forming the Riyria, Royce’s genius meets with Hadrian’s physical skill.

The Quest

During their quest they tried to know each other, at first it was very difficult for both of them. The only thing that stop Royce to kill Hadrian is the promise that Royce has made to professor Arcadius.

Also there is a side story which joined the main story at the end of the book. Gwen has been working as a prostitute, but did not like the current conditions, and organized other girls and opened a brothel with other girls. She is a strong character and she has the ability to foresee the future and the past. She can read palms and can see the future and the past by looking in the eyes.

I’ve really liked all characters even the minor characters like professor Arcadius. The relationship of both main characters, their arguments, differences make me enjoyed while reading.

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