Prophecies Awakening

I’ve started reading this book with expectations because the prologue is really interesting and promising. But as I read more chapters it fell short of my expectations.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I am posting some of the pictures from the book. They don’t look like the same characters from the story.

Kassina – by Guido Leber

Kassina – by Guido Leber

The story is told very fast paced, normally I prefer fast paced story telling but in this book it is really fast. A fight can start and end just in a few paragraphs. Sometimes an important event is told just in one sentence. And this causes to poor character development and 2D characters. There are really some interesting characters but they are not told good enough to love them. I’ve just finished the story, probably I’ll not remember them because I didn’t feel their feelings, emotions and did not learn their characters, their real motivations etc.

Most of the characters talk the same way, and it is really difficult to know which one is talking. And mostly there were discontinuities in the events.

Mostly the events are just told how they happened and not showed to reader. Because of this the reader cannot get into the story.

She’Ma’Ryn part is the most interesting part. Also combining most of the fantasy elements in one book is an interesting thing. In this book you can see wizards, vampires, elves and dragons.

I believe if this story is told with a different way, it would be really a good book.

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