Hundred Books a Year Challenge in 2014

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]hallenges are great when you achieve them. 2014 is the first year I’ve achieved my “hundred books a year” goal. I believe once I reach this goal, next years would be easier to achieve also it probably motivate me.

Actually 2014 is not as good as it seemed for me. If you can see the count of books per month graph you can see that I’ve read only 8 books in April, May, June and November.

I read most of the books from August to October, these three months I’ve read 54 books.

In December 2013 I’ve discovered audiobooks are good and life-saver in traffic jam. I’ve spent nearly 3 hours each day for my daily commute to work. Once I’ve tried an audiobook on traffic, I said I’ll try to listen audiobook in 2014 and the result is 34 books which is nearly 302 hours of listening and 9000 pages.

Previous years I mostly read fantasy fiction books but in 2014 I’ve read too many classical science fiction books and discovered so many great authors, some of them are; Frank Herbert, Larry Niven, Ray Bradbury and Neal Stephenson.
2014’s top 10 books and their authors are;

In 2015 my plans are to finish all the unread books in my library some of them are;

  • 8 books by Stephen King – Dark Tower novels,
  • 10 books by Wizards of The Coast, Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance novels,
  • 4 books by Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series,
  • 2 books by Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard series,
  • 5 books by Robin Hobb,


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