The Assembly Room

 The Assembly Room

The Assembly Room

I’ve never read any book about witch-hunts before. The story is really very interesting and can keep you from start to end. I really enjoyed reading the story.

It’s a fast paced story which is about witch-hunting incidents that has occurred 350 years ago and its effects in current time.

The story starts just as a mystery story, then it changes to something between horror and fantasy.

I recommend this book to readers;
– Who is interested in the nature and reasons of witch craft and witch hunts.
– Who likes ghost stories in which there are paranormal activities.
– Who likes stories in which there are historical relations.

Page 34 “Suffolk is hardly a Mecca of employment for a computer geek like me who specializes in software for large corporate banks.” This sentence reminds me, the character and I share same specialties despite he is 13 years older than me, and has a haunted house. And also she has a daughter and I’ll have a daughter this summer.

Update – February 7, 2014 : The Assembly Room has made it to the finals of ‘The Wishing Self Book Awards 2013’. You can find detailed information on this page.

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