Kürk Mantolu Madonna

Kürk Mantolu Madonna

Kürk Mantolu Madonna

Kürk Mantolu Madonna is written by Sabahattin Ali and published in 1943. The book was written while Sabahattin Ali was doing his military service. Some say, Sabahattin Ali is telling his story in this book.

I gave 5 to this book, because even when reading it really attracts you. And when you finished the book you have to stop and to think each events and each choices in the story.

Actually the story is a classic story. If you look just the summary of this book you can say i have read dozens of similar books. But depictions of the characters, their deepness and realism binds you to the characters and to the book. At the end, you laugh when they laugh and inevitably become sad when they are sad.

Some authorities say Dostoyevsky and Gogol have influenced the author, especially in this book.

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