Brave New World

I’ve read Brave New World just after reading Fahrenheit 451. For this reason, I’ve compared both books while reading. World of Fahrenheit bans the books and tries to manipulate humans using media. In the world of Brave New World, manipulations and conditionings start in embryonic phase, and go on whole life.

In Fahreinheit, they only use psychological manipulations, but in Brave New World they also use physical manipulations. While reading the book, I feel depressed due to the strict manipulations and conditionings, because there is no way out.

Brave New World

Brave New World

A few themes make me thing;

1) Making people work hard for leaving them no time.
2) Filling their free times with narcotic drugs.
3) Even possessing the technology to produce anything without manpower, using manpower to produce.
4) Dividing humans to castes.
5) Using Ford’s productions methods, standardizing humans.

There is one more thing, that makes me think. If a human has the power to do anything, why he/she wants a robotized society?

The books consists of three seperate chapters. First one tells us the future worlds system, and how they standardize humans. Second chapter shows us the savage world and one of the main characters reactions to savage society. And last chapter tells the savage characters reactions to the modern world.

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