If only Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez meets with İhsan Oktay Anar this book can be written.

Marquez’s One Hundred Year Solitude‘s society, confusion and vicious circle and Anar’s Puslu Kıtalar Atlası‘s mystery and mystic elements are combined in this book. By combining all these elements, story is take place in Anatolian village. Actually the author did not say it is an Anatolian village, but you can feel you were in an Anatolian village, and if we must be more specific this village smells Aegean.

It has Finnish (Varjottomat), German (Die Schattenlosen), Dutch (Schaduwlozen, De) and French (Les Ombres Disparues) translations but unfortunately there is no English translation yet.

This book has also awarded with Yunus Nadi Novel Award in 1994.

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